Apam, medio real.
Sz 24.
Plate I, pos. 60.
Apam, un real.
Sz 24.
Apam, dos reales.
Plate I, pos. 11, emerald.
Apam, dos reales.
Chignahuapam Sz 29.
Plate I, emerald.

Apam was located in the state of Mexico (now in Hidalgo). It was the 26th largest postal district, based on the number of stamps used, and 30th by total value of all stamps used. The average cost of the stamps used was 1.11 reales, due to the large number of low value stamps sent.

Apam had 6 sub-offices: Chignahuapam (Chignahuapan), Irolo, Otumba, Soltepec, Teotihuacan and Villa de Calpulalpan.

The following consignments were made according to Chapman:
  Day Month Year Invoice # Medio Un Dos Cuatro Ocho
Sent 29 8 1856 8 12300 11400 2220 300 840
Total sent       1 12300 11400 2220 300 840
Total Used 27060 1 12300 11400 2220 300 840
Distribution         45.45% 42.13% 8.20% 1.11% 3.10%
Distribution vs. all stamps         1.61% 0.82% 0.14% 0.20% 0.90%

Genuinely used stamps from Apam are rare! Perhaps less than 5% - or 1 in every 20 - of those found on the market were genuinely used.

The 2, 4 and 8 reales stamps overprinted APAM are scarce to rare. However, the medio and un real stamps are rather common. They are often found unused or, with or without overprint, with remainder cancels. Large blocks and even whole sheets are known unused. All the stamps sent were from the small plates, and large margins are to be expected and required on these stamps.

Stamps with blue overprint are generally considered genuine. The black overprint has been forged.

Since Apam never returned any stamps to the main office, all the ones which were not used but are found cancelled must be called remainders. The most obvious of these are the ones cancelled with the mute 11 line circular cancel.

The Apam overprint is approximately 9 by 2 mm. It was often applied in the margin between stamps, but also both horizontally and vertically on the stamp.

On average, the stamps have large margins for the issue.


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