Aguascalientes, dos reales.
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Abbreviated overprint AGUASCALTES from Feb. - March, 1864
Image courtesy Doug Stout.

Aguascalientes is the capital of the state of Aguascalientes. It was the 53rd largest postal district, based on the number of stamps used, and 49th by total value of all stamps used. The average cost of the stamps used was 1.86 reales. Aguascalientes had a population of 20,000 in 1850.

Aguascalientes had two sub-offices: Agostadero and Asientos.

The following consignments were made according to Chapman:
  Day Month Year Invoice # Medio Un Dos Cuatro Ocho
Sent 12 11 1858 174 60 400 380   60
Total sent       1 60 400 380 0 60
Total Used 900 1 60 400 380 0 60
Distribution         6.67% 44.44% 42.22% 0.00% 6.67%
Distribution vs. all stamps         0.01% 0.03% 0.02% 0.00% 0.06%

Aguascalientes was really not a district, but a sub-office under Zacatecas until late 1867. From November 3, 1858 to November 30, 1858 the principal post office of the district of Zacatecas was located in Aguascalientes.
The Mexican civil war (War of the Reform, 1858 - 1861) had some of its fiercest battles in this area.

The stamps sent were presumably used without the name overprint. However, it should always be remembered that ANY unoverprinted stamp is indistinguishable from any other, such that it is impossible to be sure where it originated.

In December 1858 and January 1859 the stamps were marked Zacatecas in manuscript, according to Roberto Liera. Many more stamps than from just this consignment must have been available - I'm guessing at least 1,000, perhaps many more.
Aguascalientes did not overprint with their own name until the 1861 issue.

Stamps of the 1856 issue with the AGUASCALTES overprint must be characterized as having been used provisionally. Stamps of the 1856 issue overprinted AGUASCALTES were used in February and March 1864, perhaps due to a shorage of stamps of the 1861 issue.

The high average denomination of these stamps is probably due to the fact that lower denominations were at hand when the post master of Zacatecas moved the post office to Aguascalientes.

Forgeries from Aguascalientes exist. A MEPSI certificate is recommended.


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