Acapulco, un real.
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Acapulco is located in the state of Guerrero. It was the 39th largest postal district, based on the number of stamps used, and 39th by total value of all stamps used. The average cost of the stamps used was 1.61 reales. Acapulco (de Juarez) had about 3,000 inhabitants in 1867.

Acapulco had 3 sub-offices: Ometepec, San Geronimo and Tecpan de Galeana.

The following consignments were made according to Chapman:
  Day Month Year Invoice # Medio Un Dos Cuatro Ocho
Sent 14 9 1856 55 2940 2520 1020 180 420
Sent 22 4 1857 78     1900 240  
Total sent       2 2940 2520 2920 420 420
Total Used 9220 2 2940 2520 2920 420 420
Distribution         31.89% 27.33% 31.67% 4.56% 4.56%
Distribution vs. all stamps         0.39% 0.18% 0.18% 0.28% 0.45%

The first consignment consisted entirely of stamps from the small plates. The dos reales is found in emerald and dark olive from this consignment. In the second consignment all dos reales stamps were from plate III.

The Acapulco overprint is approximately 19 by 2 mm, with leading and trailing dots. It's generally nicely struck.
Forged overprints have the trailing dot at the foot of the "O".

On average, the stamps have normal margins for the issue.

Forgeries from Acapulco exist. A MEPSI certificate is recommended.


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