District overprints.

The following is a presentation of the postal districts of Mexico 1856-1861. The links will take you to a page describing each individual district, with one or more examples of the stamps issued, and detailed information on the consignments according to Samuel Chapman. This is a work in progress, so please check back often. New pages will be added as time permits.



Sub-offices of Mexico
Guadalupe Hidalgo Tepeji del Rio Texcoco


Direct Emergency Shipments
Aguascalientes Perote
Polotitlan San Felipe del Obraje
Villa del Valle Zitacuaro
During a short period in late 1858, Aguascalientes was the principal post-office in the district of Zacatecas.


Stamps without district overprint.

According to postal regulations, stamps were supposed to be overprinted with a district name. However, it is not unusual to find stamps missing the overprint. The reason for this could be a misunderstanding of the rules, laziness or oversight. Sometimes pairs are found with only one of the stamps overprinted.

Stamps without overprint can of course only be identified by the cancel. However, it is worth remembering that stamps sometimes were cancelled upon arrival, as opposed to being cancelled at the originating postoffice. In other words, a cancel is no guarantee that the stamp was from one of the consignments to the district where it was cancelled.

Medio real, plate I, pos. 19 Medio real, plate I, pos 36 Medio real, plate I, pos. 60
Apam, plate I, pos. 19.
Sz #38 from Soltepec.
Apam, plate I, pos. 36
Sz #35 from Otumba.
Apam, plate I, pos. 60.
Sz #24 from Apam.

Stamps without overprint are often found with cancels from Apam. Many of these are remainders.

The following districts and sub-offices were sent stamps, but did not overprint them according to regulations, or used already overprinted stamps from the district they were dependent on:

District Normal dependency Temporary dependency Overprint
Colima     None
Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico   MEXICO with arrows
Perote Jalapa Mexico None
Polotitlan     None
San Felipe del Obraje Maravatio Mexico None
Tacubaya Mexico   None
Tepeji del Rio Mexico   None or MEXICO
Texcoco Mexico most of the time.   None
Tlalpam Mexico   MEXICO
Villa del Valle Toluca Mexico None
Zitacuaro Maravatio Mexico None

Perote, Polotitlan, San Felipe del Obraje, Villa del Valle and Zitacuaro were not independent districts, but received Direct Emergency Shipments.

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