Guadalupe Hidalgo

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Guadalupe Hidalgo is located in the state of Mexico. It was the 53th largest postal district, based on the number of stamps used, and 52th by total value of all stamps used. The average cost of the stamps used was 3.26 reales. Guadalupe Hidalgo had about 3,100 inhabitants in 1861.

Guadalupe Hidalgo had no sub-offices.

The following consignments were made according to Chapman:
  Day Month Year Invoice # Medio Un Dos Cuatro Ocho
Sent 18 4 1861 98 52 26 60 120 40
Total Sent       1 52 26 60 120 40
Total Used 298     1 52 26 60 120 40
Distribution         17.45% 8.72% 20.13% 40.27% 13.42%
Distribution vs. all stamps         0.03% 0.00% 0.01% 0.12% 0.06%

Guadalupe Hidalgo was directly dependent on the Central Office in Mexico City. They used stamps overprinted MEXICO between dashes. The stamps are only recognizable by their cancel.

Stamps with Guadalupe Hidalgo cancels have been seen, but have not been expertized. It is therefore unknown if any genuine copies exist today.

On average, the stamps have normal margins for the issue.

Forgeries from Guadalupe Hidalgo exist. A MEPSI certificate is recommended.


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