Un real, no name.
Cancel Sz114 in blue
Un real, blue name.
San Bartolome Simojovel Sz118AA
Dos reales, black name.
Cuatro reales black, blue name.
Pichucalco Sz127A

Chiapas is located in the state of Chiapas. It was the 24th largest postal district, based on the number of stamps used, and 22th by total value of all stamps used. The average cost of the stamps used was 2.09 reales. Tuxtla (Gutierrez) had about 6,500 inhabitants in 1867.

Chiapas had 8 sub-offices: Ciudad de San Cristobal, Comitan, Pichucalco, San Bartolome Simojovel, Tonala, Tuxtla, Villa de Chiapa (Chiapa de Corzo) and Zapote.

The following consignments were made according to Chapman:
  Day Month Year Invoice # Medio Un Dos Cuatro Ocho Comments
Sent 20 4 1861 141 394 530 1510 1680 480  
Sent 28 8 1861 223 1200 4000 1900      
Sent 29 7 1862 86         600 San Cristobal
Sent 20 10 1862 125     1900     San Cristobal
Sent 16 2 1863 27 600 2000 1900 300 180 San Cristobal
Total Sent       5 2194 6530 7210 1980 1260  
Total Used 19174     5 2194 6530 7210 1980 1260  
Distribution         11.44% 34.06% 37.60% 10.33% 6.57%  
Distribution vs. all stamps         1.13% 0.80% 0.78% 1.90% 2.00%  

The first two consignments supposedly went to Tuxtla, while the last tree were sent to San Cristobal.

According to Roberto Liera (Mexicana, April 1996, "The High Value Stamps of the 1861 Issue"), the distribution of the cuatro and ocho reales stamps was approximately
1,680 cuatro reales black on yellow
300 cuatro reales dull rose on yellow
480 ocho reales black on brown
780 ocho reales green on brown

The stamps are known with and without the overprint. They appear to be found in about equal amounts, meaning that perhaps only half of the stamps were overprinted. The most likely explanation is that the rules of overprinting were ignored during the French Intervention, perhaps from about April or May of 1862.

The Chiapas overprint is approximately 16 by 2 mm, with leading and trailing dots. It's found in both blue and black, and is generally nicely struck. The black overprint is the scarcest of the two.

On average, the stamps have normal margins for the issue.

Forgeries from Chiapas exist. A MEPSI certificate is recommended.


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